Daiwa Emeraldas Stoist AGS 84M 60th Edition

By Daiwa

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Daiwa 60th Anniversary

Emeraldas STOIST AGS 84M


Kansei area design system "ESS (Expert Sense Simulation)" 
Daiwa's original system to analyze and design the restoring force (strain energy) generated when the rod bends. In addition to clearly grasping "where is over power" and "what is power shortage" by numerical value, it is possible to reflect on the rod to the area called "sensibility" of experts not appearing in the normal vent curve. An innovative rod design system that creates a rod that exceeds the ideal.

AGS (Air Guide System) 
A revolutionary carbon guide system that realizes improved flight distance and control performance by lightness and improved sensitivity due to hardness of the carbon frame. As the guide becomes lighter, the swinging speed at the time of casting first increases and the flight distance increases. Next, convergence of the tip shake at casting becomes earlier, so Cast Accuracy rises. Moreover, the potential possessed by blank originally stands out more and the sensitivity is also greatly increased. Even if you use the same blank, if you load AGS, the action of the lure at the time of retrieval will be transmitted more directly than ever so that the sense that the lure grasps the tide and the turn of the tide will become more realistic .

SVF Compilation X Nano Plus Nano 
Alloy ® Toray Industries, Inc., which realized high performance of resin by special technology of mixing multiple kinds of resin (resin) playing an adhesive role as carbon fiber in the order of nanometer Technology that optimized technology adaptation materials for each model by Daiwa's original design and manufacturing method, making it possible to further increase the strength and weight of blanks. This makes the ultra high density SVF carbon even higher performance.


pole has a small amount of "twist" in the series of fishing such as when operating, exchanging and pulling out. When the rod is twisted, various disadvantages such as operability and power reduction occur.Therefore, "X45" prevents twisting. ± 45 ° bias cloth thoroughly prevents twisting, improving operability, power, stability and dramatically improving the performance of the rod.

By adopting a carbon sheet with a bias structure at the joint part of the V - joint rod, it realizes a beautiful bend with less distortion like a one - piece rod. Compared with unloaded ones, the speed of return from power, tightening and bending is greatly improved, creating an ideal strong tone. It has a good balance with exquisite balance of delicacy and aggression.




CWS (Carbon Wrapping System) CWS (Carbon Wrapping System) 

is Daiwa's proprietary technology that fixes guides and reel seats to blanks. By fixing the parts with a carbon cloth woven strongly instead of threads, weight reduction of the parts attachment part is realized.In addition, this CWS further improves the holding force (screw thread rigidity of the guide mounting portion) and durability (cracking resistance against cracking). We insist on presence by simple and unique appearance.

Air sensor sheet 
Carbon fiber reel seat that realizes weight reduction, high strength and high sensitivity. By designing exclusively according to the application, it produces operability that can not be experienced with general-purpose reel seat.



Model Length (m) Sections Folded length (m) Weight (g) Diameter (Tip/rear)
Egi Size PE rating Carbon %
STOIST 84M 2.54 2 1.31 106 1.3/10.4 #2.5-#4.0 04-1.0 99