Yamashita x Livre Limited Edition Handle

By Livre

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F. V 50-55 (handle arm)

- Handle pitch can be adjusted from 50mm to 55mm. 
You can change it according to your width and make the Egging more comfortable. 
Original shot blasting process. 
Matt smooth texture by shot blasting.

EF30 (Titanium handle knob)

- A lightweight handle that can be held firmly. Textured by hand 
by the craftsman, "mirror surface buffing", "quenching" mirror surface buffing

Review by Yamashita Eging Master Eisuke Kawakami

While the single handle is difficult to control the rotation, it enables weight reduction and the power fight is possible by direct winding.

The EF30 knob is just good size and easy to grip and power. Texture of refined mirror surface buff is slippery with a familiar treat.

When do you change the steering wheel pitch?

Change the steering wheel pitch depending on the situation and point. 
Until now, it was adjusted by the winding amount of the steering wheel, but now it can be operated easily by adjusting the steering wheel pitch.

Reduce the handle pitch

We want to make movement of small Egi (2.5-3.0) or Egi small.

Increase the handle pitch

We want to make movement of big Egi (3.5-4.0) or Egi large.

If you are unsure of whether the handle is compatible with your reel, feel free to contact us via email or Facebook messenger @isofishinglifestyle