2020 Maria Boar 170mm 60g

By Maria

Maria "BOAR" jerking minnow under tough condition, "BOAR" was developed for landbased Kingfish game.



【Jerking action】 A pelagic fish attacks to BOAR after the irregular dart action by short jerking.

【Strong wave motion】 BOAR generates strong wobbling & rolling in retrieving medium speed.

【Long cast distance】 Magnet weight moving system (cast distance : Ave. 81m)


Rod 10ft class shore plugging rod (MAX cast: 100g)
Reel Shimano 6,000-14,000 class spinning reel
Line PE3-6, nylon leader 60lb-140lb
Recommended Hook Treble #2/0 class (owner ST66 #2/0)
Single 3-5g/piece (Shout Single Kudako #4/0) 
Recommended Ring Maria Fighters Ring Daen #7
  • *Approximately 70g total lure weight including recommended hook and ring
  • *Slow floating depending on the hook setting (fine shaft and single hook).


B01H Sardines

Sardine, which is a representative bait of blue fish.
A standard salt color that can be used in a wide range of areas because it lives in all waters off the coast of Japan.

  • B02D Bloody sardines

    The design holo transmits red light and expresses a sardine bleeding with blood that was weakened by being chased by a blue one. Since red is noticeable in water, it has a high visual appeal.

  • B04C Raw Shirasu

    A transmission appeal that is different from the reflection that cannot be expressed with a jig is effective in unexpected situations!
    It also supports shirasu patterns and squid patterns, which are eclipsed by clear colors.

  • B06H Sanma

    Due to the dull and dull reflection peculiar to aluminum, the silhouette is naturally appealing even in the dark blue color!

  • B08H Pink sardine

    Highly visible fluorescent pink color is effective for morning and evening mats that are dim and have blurred vision. Invites a part-time job by adding the flushing effect during jerk.

  • B13H Bullpin sardines

    The blue item is a classic blu-pin color.
    Quickly bring highly active fish to the bite with a contrast of blue and pink. The red-colored abdomen is a highly appealing element for blue fish that look up at small fish and eat them.

  • B24D Keimura Slit Glow

    In addition to the new sense appeal by Keimura + flushing by design holo technology, a strong appeal color that uses glow in the berry part!

  • B47P Chart Pearl

    The top water plug is difficult to see on the surface of the water, making fishing difficult.
    A semi-night color that can be surely appealed to a blue one simply by throwing it and winding it in a throw.