CLEARANCE Yamaga Blanks Early 100MR Rod

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Total length: 3055 mm

Weight: 187g Number of succession: 2 (reverse parallel relay)
Correspondence lure: 10-35 g
Correspondence line: PE1.0-2.5
Carbon content: 94.7%
Target: Maru Suzuki, Hirame
Recommended lure: Minnow around 12-14 cm, vibration, sinking pencil, metal jig etc. Applicable field: salmon, river estuary, surf, offshore levee, etc.
It is a 10ft rod that demonstrates its power in places with high footholds such as banks and levees, and places where long throws such as surf and large rivers are required. While boasting blank power that is not inferior to heavy lures such as minnows of 14 cm or more and heavy vibrators of 1 oz or more, high sensitivity performance is also outstanding. It is one of the best for games that you can search while feeling the subtle tide while throwing away.
Guide: SiC stainless steel frame K guide (Fuji) specification Reel seat: VSS18 (Fuji) Guided spinning reel: No. 3000 manufactured by D company, No. 4000 manufactured by S company