Ripple Fisher Ocean Ridge LC GT82 (Long Cast)


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Ocean Ridge / GT Game 
The Ocean Ridge GT Game rod series is made for hose anglers who are challenging the limit.

The integrated Ocean Ridge is a GT rod series packed with Ripple Fisher's pride. The lineup meets the needs of experts who are pursuing the ultimate manual performance that reflects the skill of the angler. It is not a rod that is easy to handle but if you master the rod, it will become a part of your body.

All 6 models of Ocean Ridge rods are designed exclusively for targeting Large GT's.

OceanRidge LongCast GT 82 Nano

To those who want to cast to farther than anyone. It is a model recommended for points requiring long cast or many casts. The Nano blank not only is very powerful in applying pressure to the fish but also is sensitive enough to capture subtle changes when the lure is travelling through the water. 

Despite its long-model, it is a rod that does not feel its length and can apply substantial pressure to the fish.


  • 8 ft 2 in (Dimensions 1796 mm)


  • 378g


  • 2 pieces/grip joint

Lure weight:

  • Max 190g


  • Max PE 8


  • Regular

Anglers recommended weight:

  • 70kg~