Ripple Fisher Runner Exceed 102M


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The Runner Exceed 102M is a light model is a long awaited addition to the Runner Exceed series suitable for topwater fishing as well as jigs. Equipped with a soft tip that pursues the sport of topwater fishing with ease such as medium-sized stickbaits and diving pencils as well the 20g class minnows and even shore jigs up to 90 g. The 102M is ideal when the fish are in the distance or strike range is deep. 

The power of the rod has been adjusted to fight and control medium sized kingfish on a lighter set up. Perfect for chasing tailor, bonito, small mackerel, medium sized kingfish etc. 

Length Weight Section Lure Line Action
10 ft 2 in (Dimensions 1590 mm) 290 g 2 pcs / indicator duel Plug 20 - 70 g PE 1.5 ~ 3 Regular