Ripple Fisher Runner Exceed 95TC


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The 95TC is a technical model with a highly responsive blank design to maneuver the lure on a next level. The developmental concept of this model was to enable anglers to utilize various lures including sinking minnow, poppers, diving-pencils and jigs to induce bites in difficult conditions when the sea is flat and the lure is highly visible. The light weight 9.5ft length rod has a MH class strength for fighting 5~10kg blue runners off the rocks. With its outstanding casting distance and highly well balanced characteristics, anglers can utilize this as your main rod or back-up rod for your more exotic expeditions. This 95TC will serve you in various fishing conditions and produce results in the toughest of times.

Suitable reel size   S・D:6000~8000
Grip length / A:694mm(Grip full length) ・B:459mm(From grip end to reel foot)
Dia of tip / 3.0mm(Just below top guide) Dia of butt・16.3mm (Butt diameter measured 730mm from the bottom)
Reel seat / DPS20(Fuji) Up Lock
Grip end / BRC

Target Kingfish/Yellowtail/Amberjack
Field Rock/Port

SiC-S Titanium frame K Guide +RV Guide (Fuji)


Length Weight Section Lure Line Action Price JAN CODE
9ft 5in (Closed Length:1495mm) 290g 2pcs / Spigot Ferrule MAX Jig 120g / Plug 30~90g MAX PE 4 Regular