Ripple Fisher Runner Exceed 97EH


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RunnerExceed/Exceed = to be superior, go beyond and to excel.

We have successfully produced a rod with the contradicting traits of sharpness when casting and controlling while having the tenacity and bend when loaded. They say, “Persuasion is often more effective than force”. It took us a while to produce, but we are finally happy with the product. You will surely be surprised with its lightness and controllability once you take hold of this rod. This rod will put the angler in an advantageous position at the hardest of times when land-based fishing for the blue-runners.
The swing through after the cast has improved and will allow anglers to easily control the fish and land them. Our answer to your challenges are here.

Ripple Fisher Runner Exceed 97EH 





9ft 7inches 


Jig Max 150g