Ripple Fisher Selfish 597S Nano/Vertical Model


The blank on this rod is very strong but it doesn’t feel stiff. At a certain bend, the flexing force of the rod will ‘kick up’ the jig. It is also a very sensitive rod transmitting the movement of the current, action from the jig and response from the fish throughout the blank. The rear grip has been extended to cater for various styles of jerking. Words alone cannot describe the all qualities of this rod. Right from the hookup to landing the fish, the rod bends nicely with lots of lifting power and feels at home in your hands. Ripple Fisher proudly present the “SELFISH” series. Most remarkable characteristics of SELFISH series is operability with sharpness and lifting power hidden in fine and light stick. We present you 3 type of standard model, 2 type of shallow model for horizontal jigging and 1 type of specialized model for large kingfish or great amberjack.

OceanArrow SELFISH 597S Nano / Vertical Model This 597S Nano designed for vertical jigging to aim large size kingfish and Amberjacks. You will be able to jerk with high pitch in short stroke or jerk in long stroke with sharpness feeling. Yet you will feel kind of stiffness when you jerk, it will bend nicely and absorb the huge impact of great amberjack.

Rod length: 1756 mm 
Rod weight: 250 g
Lure: 180-240 g
Max. PE (#): 5
Specifications SiC-S + SiC titanium frame K guide specification (Fuji) / Nanoalloy ® technology adopted blank
Section : 1pc
Conforming reel standard: S: 8000 ~ 10000 / D: 4500 ~ 5000
Reel seat / DPS20 (Fuji) up lock
Grip end / BRC specification