Ripple Fisher SilverStream 97 Red Eye


The blank of the previous model with a 9.3ft length has been renewed and extended to 9.7ft. We have drastically improved the casting ability and given the blank more power when more load is applied. The joint section has also been renewed to a spigot joint system. The concept is the same as the 87 with the combined features of sensitivity and power but this model is more suited for a vast field. This model is not simply dedicated for the Akame but also great for ripping out those seabass off the rocks, black-fin seabass in the estuaries and general monstrous seabass that hide in the tetrapods. The response and the sensitivity to exhibit the instantaneous force has been finely tuned by employing the new Nanoalloy material in the blank. When one stands at the pinnacle of Akame fishing, this is where s/he arrives at. We are proud to produce this next generation power rod for those dedicated hardcore anglers out there!
Suitable reel size  S:3000~4000 / D:LT4000C~5000C
Grip length / 567mm(Grip full length)・413mm(From grip end to reel foot)
Dia of tip / 2.1mm(Just below top guide)・Dia of butt / 14.3mm (Butt diameter measured 595mm from the bottom of butt section)
Reel seat / DPS18(Fuji)Down Lock
Grip end / Hardness EVA is loaded on bottom of grip

Target Seabass・Flat fish
Field Surf・Rocks
Specification TORZITE Titanium frame K Guide(Fuji)/ NANOALLOY® technology blank


Length Weight Section Lure Line Action
9ft 7in (Closed Length:1505mm) 193g 2pcs / Spigot Ferrule MAX 45g MAX PE2.5 Regular Fast