Ripple Fisher Soft Shell Jacket


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[Ripple Fisher original shell jacket 2019] 

Size available: M · L · O · XO

[Size chart]
* Please use this as a guide. 
M size: 170 cm / 70 kg 
L size: 170 cm / 80 kg 
O size: 170 cm / 88 kg 
XO size: 178 cm / 90 kg

Material: 3-layer structure in which Breathtec (3 layer) and outer fabric, moisture-permeable waterproof film, lining are laminated by special bonding technology

Color: body color black / white logo 
    body color red / white logo 
    body color emerald / white logo

Features: Waterproof, windproof and breathable to release the humidity inside the wear for comfort

 ● There is high water resistance performance corresponding to outdoor field where change of the weather is severe. 
● There is a windproof performance that prevents warm air in clothes from escaping due to wind.
● There is a breathable performance to reduce stuffiness when sweating.