Ripple Fisher Ultimo 83ML


Ripple Fisher Ultimo 83ML

Medium-sized miyoshi, large ships, GT, as well as tuna and tuna up to 50 kg. A well-balanced one with flight distance, operability and lightness. Even those who are first challenged, those who are not confident in physical strength can cast 150 g or more of lures on the rod with less power. ML class does not use nanoalloy ® technology because of the characteristic of blank tone which catches cast and fight in the whole bending of the rod. In addition, 83ML is the most flexible in the Ultimo series, and it is finished in an intermediate condition between BIG TUNA and Ultimo. It is one that hid the potential more than the line class because it becomes a fight deployment to lose with little power.

Length Weight Section Lure Line Action
8 ft 3 in (Dimensions 1815 mm) 365 g 2 pcs / grip joint MAX 150 g MAX PE 6 Regular Fast


Recomended Reel Size

Shimano: 10000 ~ 14000 / Daiwa: 5000 ~ 5500