Ripple Fisher Ultimo 83ML RVTZ-Tune


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Ripple Fisher Ultimo83ML RVTZ-Tune is a New Model Released from Ripple Fisher in Winter 2018. 

Ultimo83ML RVTZ-Tune's guide settings/paint specifications were changed with the original Ultimo83ML

The original Ultimo83ML has been upgraded by using a torzite guide system, thereby achieving more strength and lightness than before.

You can use this casting game rod all day long

In addition, the weight of the guide increases the distance of the swing speed during your cast. 

Anyone can easily use this rod with less power, not to mention women and those who have no confidence in their physical strength, it is a truly well balanced rod. 

This rod is used from monster kingfish, GT and tuna game fishing up to 50kg.

Ultimo83ML RVTZ-Tune is a rod that brings out the full potential of the blank. 

The blank color is a gradient from blue to dark blue and is a special specification for this model only. 

There is a coating on the butt part and the tip to belly will have an unsanded finish. The threads are blue based on dark blue and blue-silver pin threads, which are simple but deep design. 

The rod bag has also been changed from a traditional fleece bag to a dedicated Ultimo83ML RVTZ-Tune rod bag.

It is made from a high-quality synthetic leather (PU) is used as a material close to the genuine leather, and features a soft, durable touch that looks and feels close to genuine leather.



Length / 8ft3in (1815mm)

Weight / 361g

Lure / Comfort Weight 70-150g

Line / MAX Pe 6

Action / Regular Fast

Specifications/TZ Titanium Frame RV Guide + TZ Titanium Frame K Guide (Fuji) *Only top guide, SiC Titanium Guide Specifications

Anglers Weight / 55kg ~ (Recommended)

Compatible reel/ Shimano: 10000-14000 

Daiwa: 5000-5500

Grip length / 794mm (grip length) / 504mm (grip end to reel foot)

Blank head diameter / 2.6mm (just below top guide)

Blank base diameter / 13.9 mm (base diameter is 870 mm from the butt of the rod)

Roll Sheet / DPS20 (Fuji) Upload

Grip End/BRC Specifications