Shimano 2020 Advance ISO [ADVANCE ISO]

By Shimano

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With the blanks equipped with Spiral X, we have gained basic performance that is leaner than the model of the class, Radix. Shoot the point firmly, and the fish you hooked up quickly by bending the rod. Also in this class, Shimano original screw seat is used to hold the reel securely. It is easy to grip and stable communication is possible. It is equipped with Tuftec α, which is suitable for black sea bream and breakwater breaks to No. 5 long-distance tubular tip that shoots large blue fish.

Spiral X

The spiral X has a three-layer structure in which carbon tape is densely wound in opposite directions diagonally on the inner and outer layers of the rod longitudinal fibers. With the diagonal fibers inside and outside, it is possible to achieve high torsional rigidity and collapse rigidity while maintaining lightness. It is Shimano's original "basic structure" that improves instantaneous power transmission during fishing operations such as casting and fighting, and maintains lightness to increase "ground force for catching".

Tuftec α Carbon Solid Tip (No. 1-2)

Tuftec tip that suppresses tip tension. A solid tip that has a supple and delicate bend while maintaining the strength without reducing the diameter of the tip.

Shimano original screw seat (No. 1-2)

DPS reel sheet (3-5)

Non-slip coat (butt end)

■ Spiral X
■ Tough Tech α Carbon Solid Ear (No. 1-2)
■ Shimano Original Screw Sheet (No. 1-2)
■ Tubular Tip (No. 3-5)
■ DPS Reel Sheet (No. 3-5)
■Top SiC guide
■Non-slip coat (butt end)
■Total guide balance system