Shimano BBX Hyper Repel α Nylon Float ISO Fishing Line NL-I51Q/NL-I61Q

By Shimano

Super white color with good visibility! Floating line with a hollow structure and good operability."

Modern fukase fishing that increases the severity.

The strong criterion is that the first criterion for selection is the "specific gravity" that greatly affects the behavior of the device.

Once you have selected a specific gravity that matches your situation, fishing style, you can choose the one that is easy for you to use, such as the suppleness of the line and the color that is easy to see.

If you ponder "what kind of fishing place and what kind of fishing do you want to do?", The necessary line characteristics will be naturally found.


● Super white color with good visibility
● Floating line with a 13-hole hollow structure for easy operation (specific gravity 1.01)
● Adopted copolymer nylon raw yarn that is resistant to abrasion
● Tuning with good water repellency, elasticity and linearity


  • White


Part number Size diameter (mm) Length (m)
NL-I51Q 1.7 0.218 150
NL-I51Q 2 0.235 150
NL-I51Q 2.5 0.26 150
NL-I51Q 3 0.285 150
NL-I51Q 4 0.33 150
NL-I61Q 4 0.33 200
NL-I61Q 4 0.37 200
NL-I61Q 6 0.405 200
NL-I61Q 8 0.47 200
NL-I61Q 10 0.52 200