By Shimano

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Waterproof and breathable upper with dry shielded booties

Equipped with Boa fit system

Fits quickly and freely just by turning the dial.

Smooth to put on and take off

The Boa® system allows you to put on and take off with one action. In addition, the tongue easily opens wide, making it easy to put on and take off.

Wearing mouth line according to movement

The front is a high design with holdability, and the back is a low design that enhances the mobility of the ankle

Bootie shape that is hard to be flooded

By setting the booties to a high position, inundation from your feet is reduced.

Toe reinforcement

Uses a material that is resistant to scratches on the toes to increase strength

Double insole specifications

Double insole specifications with cushioning to eliminate the feeling of pushing up

Geolock cut rubber pin felt sole

Cut rubber pin felt sole with improved grip and durability by embedding slip resistant synthetic rubber and high hardness stainless steel pin in the felt sole that exhibits slip resistance

● Bending line arrangement structure that easily follows the
● Mesh material upper with excellent breathability ● 3D-shaped cup insole (3 mm thick foam EVA) that has both breathability and cushioning
● Midsole and upper Equipped with EVA cushion inside