Shimano Limited Pro PEG5 + Suspend 200M PL-I65R (ISO Fishing Braid)

By Shimano

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A new generation PE line that has changed the game of ISO fishing has been born.

Moderate "specific gravity" and "tension" that enhance the suitability for ISO Fishing
Now, to the best of the merits of the PE line ...

When the PE line first came out, there weren't many people using it off the rocks

PE with low elongation has excellent sensitivity, high strength, and a smaller number than nylon can be used.

This property was suitable for fishing in the main stream, but it was not widely used in practice.

The main reasons are light specific gravity and lack of rigidity.

Gives moderate “specific gravity” and “tension”
to overcome the disadvantages of PE in ISO Fishing !

Advantages of PE line when ISO Fishing

It can reduce the resistance of air and water = "Easy casting" "It is difficult to get off the tide line"

A PE line that has approximately three times the linear strength of nylon lines. If you want the same strength, you can use a thread of about 1/3 the thickness, so the air resistance when casting or receiving the wind, the resistance due to water such as tide, etc. has been drastically reduced. It offers a number of benefits, including increased flight distance, flying with light power, less tendency to get off the tide line, and easier line mending.

Low growth = "high sensitivity" "easy to take control of exchange"

Another major characteristic of the PE line is "low elongation". In other words, it has a very low elongation. The low elongation PE line, which is about 1/10 of the nylon line, has a very high sensitivity, and can capture Atari that could not be felt until now. In addition, it is less likely to move freely when interacting with fish, so you can capture more quickly.

Little change in specific gravity due to water absorption = "stable adaptation" "high durability"

The PE line also has the feature of "no water absorption". There is data that the strength of a water-absorbing nylon line is reduced by about 20% per day fishing, but the PE line shows almost no strong deterioration in water. The PE line with no water absorption is hard to change the familiarity, and you can get a stable device setting.

Lines with low specific gravity tend to float on the sea surface, and are affected by wind and high tide.

In addition, a line with no stiffness is likely to cause trouble on a rock rod with a large number of guides.

But modern PE is different.

Advances in composite technology have made it possible to provide moderate specific gravity and tension suitable for rockfish.

A new choice, the PE line, brought to surf anglers. Now, let's enjoy the benefits without stress.

Due to this thinness, the drainage resistance is so low that it is incomparable with nylon, and the precision of line mending and invitation has been greatly improved. This is an overwhelming advantage in actual fishing.

In addition, this new generation PE line has the features of the float line and the suspend line, such as being able to float using the surface tension despite the high specific gravity, or being able to use the tip by forcibly sinking it by dunking the rod tip to the sea surface. 



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