Shimano Nasci Spinning Reel

$145.00 $189.00
By Shimano

Nasci Spinning Reel

Introducing one of the hottest reels of 2017 under $200. 
Imagine taking some of the best features of Shimano’s legendary Symetre, Aernos and Technium spin reels, combining them into one super spin reel series with some high tech’ accoutrements — well that’s what you get with the new Nasci spin. There are five reels in the lineup, from the 1000 size for fine line finesse work in freshwater and the estuaries, right up to the saltwater standard 5000 with its generous braided line capacity and powerful gearing. All feature X-Ship, where the pinion gear is supported by bearings for better cranking power and torque, Coreprotect, which is a water repellent surface treatment on the line roller and clutch roller, and they all have G-Free bodies, so the centre of gravity is moved closer to the rod and the worm drive oscillates at a slower rate for more compact line lay. The big inclusion for a reel at this price point though, is the cold-forged Hagane Gear, where improved mesh transition leads to increased strength and durability. Gear ratios are pretty sharp too, at 5.0:1 for the 1000 and 2500 model, 6.2:1 for the 3000, 4000 and 5000 - all delivered via a machined aluminium handle.
Model Gear ratio Ball bearings Drag (kg) Mono (m) Braid (m) Weight (g)
Nasci 1000 5.0:1 4+1 3 2/130 10/95 215
Nasci 2500 5.0:1 4+1 9 3/180 10/150 250
Nasci 3000HG COMPACT 6.2:1 4+1 9 3/230 10/200 250
Nasci 4000XG 6.2:1 4+1 11 4/220 15/230 295
Nasci 5000XG COMPACT 6.2:1 4+1 11 5/220 20/220 300