Shimano Nexus Floating Life Vest Limited Pro VF-113Q

By Shimano

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Coreact is a new "Three-dimensional pattern shape" that allows for flexible movement compared to other life jackets. The new design is aimed to maximise the performance of anglers while still retaining all the safety features of the older designs.

The movement of fishing should be able to evolve further with wear. With such a belief in mind, from the point of thoroughly analysing and verifying the movement of the angler at actual fishing, the development of the three-dimensional pattern design "Coreact" began. It was the instructor Takuya Peace that cooperated. It is an Isogo who boasts of two victories at the Japan Cup Iso Grade Championship. What happens at what time of movement, what is missing? Three-dimensional design aiming for optimisation of fishing movement, such as "arm and shoulder does not stretch" and "bending and stretching motion can be performed smoothly" were derived after trial and error by attaching a sensor to the whole body. Also, as Peace says, "Ease of movement leads to the protection of the body," instantaneous movement of the body leads to risk avoidance when it is exposed to danger due to strong weather and the like. True movement ease brings benefits to both mind and body.

This new and improved life jacket will allow anglers to experience fishing in a whole new way. With safety being the first priority, the nexus life jacket has been tested many times in various environments and situations to ensure that the performance is maintained at 100%.