By Shimano

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All designs and specifications are professional specifications.
Rocky shore flagship vest for tournamenters.

Wide range of motion of the arm

A three-dimensional pattern design that thoroughly analyzes the movements peculiar to rocky shore fishing from a scientific perspective.

The range of motion of the arm that does not hinder movement allows you to concentrate on fishing when throwing in gimmicks or sprinkling.

Flexible fit

Uses a Boa ® system that provides a high fit and one-action attachment / detachment .

In addition, the subdivided buoyancy material allows for a flexible fit.

Of the RA-112U to coordinate match

The floating vest with a flagship presence matches Shimano's rocky shore fishing tackle.

It is a luxurious design with logo embroidery studded in detail.

Prevention of falling off and slippage

Rocky shore fishing where the vest may come off in the unlikely event of a waterfall.

The crotch straps that prevent the vest from falling off and the inside of the shoulders are designed to prevent slippage. In addition, the non-slip material on the outside of the shoulder prevents the luggage carried from slipping.

Chest pocket for drainage

The chest pocket is designed to store staff cases and Harris.

It has a drainage hole and has excellent drainage.

Releases stuffiness while improving fit

By dividing the front into 4 parts and the back into 5 parts and setting the thickness to 5 stages (M size has 4 stages), it fits the body three-dimensionally according to the posture and movement.

There is no sense of pressure and discomfort from the shoulders to the back and sides, and the mesh fabric is used between the splits of the buoyancy material to release stuffiness.

Keeps your back breathable

Detachable parts are installed on the back.

You can spend comfortably by removing the parts that you normally wear when you want to ensure breathability and eliminate stuffiness.

Detachable partition for custom storage

Six storage pockets with zippers are placed on the front part.

The inside of the waist pocket is a removable split type, so you can customize it to your liking according to your needs.

Equipped with pin-on reel holder

It is designed so that two pin-on reels can be mounted, and if equipped with a line cutter etc., quick and detailed work can be performed.

Equipped with polarized glass holder

A polarized glass holder is installed for temporary storage of polarized glasses.