Shimano Nexus Floating Vest VF-142Q

By Shimano

Shimano Nexus Floating Vest VF-142Q Features:

● Combination system
● Washable
● 2WAY system
● Ventiair 
● Pin holder
● Towel holder, emergency correspondence whistle
● Plier pocket 
● Line holder pocket that can hold leaders
● Dust pocket
● Crotch belt 
● Resin zippers
● Chest and waist pocket is easy to open/close. Adjustable side belts while wearing

2WAY system adopted

2WAY System

2WAY system adopted that allows breathability of back

Bench air


The front part is divided into two parts on the left/right side, the back part is divided into three part and the thickness is changed in three steps to fit the body comfortably. Releases stiffness from mesh fabric between divisions


100% nylon (water repellent)

Mesh part: 100% polyester

Buoyancy material: Independent foam material (NBR70%, PVC30%)