Shimano NEXUS Reflect Floating Vest Limited Pro VF-112R Black

By Shimano

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Adopting the design "COREACT" aiming for maximum performance, retroreflective design pursuing presence is placed everywhere.

Scientifically thoroughly analyze the movements of anglers in the field of actual fishing.

To evolve fishing movements with clothing. The development of a new three-dimensional pattern design began with a thorough analysis and verification of the angler's movements during actual fishing. In fishing where various fields such as breakwaters, surfs, and boats are expected, the surf that requires the most variety of fishing movements such as throwing, pulling out, squatting, walking is set in the field. In a harsh environment where movements are easily restricted for anglers, we thoroughly examine what happens and what is lacking. After trial and error with a sensor attached to the whole body, the three-dimensional design "COREACT" was developed to optimize the fishing movement. So, what kind of benefit does "COREACT" bring to the angler in actual fishing? Mr. Heiwa, Shimano Iso Instructor who was involved in the development, said, "For example, the jacket of rainwear does not stretch when arms are raised. As a result, the arms and shoulders stretch and it is easier to cast a long distance. The pants have less cramped feeling when crouched, and various movements are smoother. The floating vest is used when winding reels and devices. It's easier to handle the movements." "COREACT" is reflected not only in clothing, but also in the shoes at your feet, further improving the ease of movement on the beach.

The revolution of mobility has begun in ships, surf and diverse fields.

"COREACT" is now being deployed in various fields where comfortable movement is required. In boat fishing, we focused on squid fishing, which has a lot of movements (plazuno mechanism), and divided the movements in each phase to verify the problems. By suppressing the feeling of pressure on the shoulders and elbows, the followability of the wear in the shaki movement is improved. For ease of movement, field tester Mr. Matsuda said, "For example, even if it is a big shrimp, you can move your body without pushing or crispness. You can raise squid with your arm high when collecting the tackle, but you can not move your armpits too. It can be done smoothly." In addition, Mr. Hotta, a pioneer of flatfish games on the surf, said, "The surf waders of "COREACT" are significantly different in walking ease. There's no stress when going up and down the stairs to and from roots in the sea, so the comfort of a day's fishing is totally different." Furthermore, Mr. Shimada, an instructor who mainly fishes sea bass wading, said, "The total ease of movement is reflected from the wader to the game vest and the jacket. The sea bass wading can withstand water pressure while walking a long tidal flat or crossing a fast flow. It is difficult to feel the burden on them because the overall balance is good. The impression is that they reached 100 points.” "COREACT," which is said to change the conventional concept. Its ease of movement makes all fishing comfortable.

Limited Pro to feel with the whole body

Limited Pro has always evolved as a flagship model of the beach. Isoshi focused on fishing more and thought about what kind of clothing should be used to improve the fishing results, and fed back the verification in actual fishing to the design. Including the three-dimensional design "COREACT" that optimizes fishing movements, the total design and function of ease of movement are arranged to bring out the performance of the whole body in various scenes. The vivid and tough design processing emphasizes the status and courage to impress such excellent performance.

Protect Suit LIMITED PRO

"COREACT" is adopted so that the knees are not stretched when sitting or bending over, so that various movements on the beach can be performed smoothly. The bottom of the pants is equipped with an inner hem that effectively reduces water splash and rain. When wearing the FS-175R, the inner hem is hooked on the Boa® dial of the shoe to prevent it from climbing up. In addition, by arranging retroreflectives everywhere, it creates a distinctive presence even in the dark hours of dawn.

NEXUS・Reflect Floating Vest LIMITED PRO

"COREACT" designed for ease of rod work and comace work improves the ease of movement around the shoulder. In addition, the Boa Fit System and subdivided buoyancy material allow for a flexible fit. In addition, by arranging the non-slip shoulders inside and outside, the load is reduced, and it is also effective for sliding down when carrying a rod case etc. A flagship model with vertical split waist pockets and retroreflective parts placed everywhere for efficient storage.


Newly designed hip guard without thigh band. Easy to move, one-touch attachment and detachment. It fits comfortably by pulling it up to wrap your hips and adjusting to the waist. The bottom part is made of wear-resistant material that protects the outerwear. The range of motion of the hips and hips is made of stretch mesh material to keep it easy to move. The front thigh has a pocket design that allows small items to be stored.

Flex Rubber Pin Felt Shoes LIMITED PRO

Uses breathable waterproof upper GORE-TEX® booties. Developed the Boa Fit System wiring to apply force evenly to the toe side according to the shape of the foot. The fit to the entire foot is improved, and the ease of bending when stepping on is increased by about 30%. The range of support for rising and falling in front of the beach has expanded. With a line of mouth that responds to movement, the front part has high holdability and the rear part has a lower design that enhances ankle mobility.


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Adopted "COREACT"

Thoroughly measure and analyze the movements of anglers from the perspective of actual fishing and science. Adopted "COREACT" designed to maximize the performance of anglers


Detachable partition

Equipped with removable partitions on the left and right inside the front pocket. The partition allows for efficient storage and can be used as a vertical split pocket.


Retroreflective design

A retro-reflective design that has the presence of a limited professional is placed everywhere


Boa fit system installed

Equipped with Boa fit system on both hips. Just by turning the dial, it fits quickly. Since the vest is in close contact, it is easy to move and reduces the stress of rod work


Solid support

Both the inside and outside of the shoulder are firmly fixed to the shoulder with a special anti-slip material, improving the lightness. It is difficult for the carried luggage to slip


Increased mobility

By designing the side cutback to be deeper, the mobility of the arm accompanying rod work is improved


2WAY system adopted

2WAY system adopted that allows breathability of the back



The front is divided into 4 parts on both sides, the back is divided into 5 parts, and the thickness is changed to 5 levels (M size is 4 levels) to improve the fit to the body. Releasing from stuffiness with mesh fabric between divisions


Combination system

Combination system that can combine rainwear and floating vest

● Thoroughly measure and analyze the movements of anglers from the perspective of actual fishing and science.
Adopted a design "COREACT" aiming to maximize the performance of anglers
● The retro-reflective design that shows the presence of a limited professional is placed everywhere
● The front pocket has removable partitions on both sides . The partition allows for efficient storage and can be used as a vertical split pocket.
● Special anti-slip material is used on both the inside and outside of the shoulder. The carried luggage is not easily slipped.
● The side adjuster has a comfortable fit Boa fit system
● Combination system
● Washable
● 2WAY system
● Bench air
● Power holding system that balances elasticity and breathability. Improves the feeling of holding and prevents it from sliding down
● Shoulder cushion specifications
● With a clock loop under the chest pocket
● Pin holder
● Inside towel loop, accessory holder, emergency response whistle, pen light holder
● Harris fixed Line holder pocket that can be done
● Storing capacity and diagonally arranged center pocket that enables quick opening and closing
● Pliers pocket
● Dust pocket
● Crotch belt with dot button in the center
● Resin slider