Shimano Ocea Head Dip 140F

By Shimano

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The Ocea Head Dip 140mm stick bait features a unique 
dual AR-C casting system designed to enhance distance 
casting. It consists of tungsten weights mounted on 
internal rods running from the front to the rear of the lure. 
During the cast, centrifugal force presses the weights
onto a specially designed spring that allows the lure to 
cast perfectly as the weights move to the rear. 
Once the lure lands, the AR-C system moves the beads 
back to the centre of the lure, ensuring perfect weight distribution, 
lure balance, and that unique head dip motion on the retrieve. 


  • 140mm


  • 67g


  • Floating - Internal Long-Cast System


  • Owner ST-56 #2/0