Shimano Radix [RADIX]

By Shimano

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Radix is ​​a diverse lineup of all 15 items. The 08 series enables a more delicate approach to small and medium-sized drummer and black bream. The 1.5, 1.7, and 2 models have added short models that enable aggressive fishing with high operability. In addition, the 1.5 and 2 are 630 models that can aim for new points. And we added No. 3 530T for large fish. Both adopt strong and light blanks by spiral X. It is a full-scale specification with a screw seat that improves the stability at hand.

Spiral X

Shimano original screw seat

Taper grip

■Tough tech α carbon solid tip
■Matt rubber coating (reel seat part, grip part)
■Titanium frame SiC IM guide (#1 to #2 head)
■Total guide balance system
■QTC top cover
■With rod bag