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  • Shimano Rock Hopper 135g
  • Shimano Rock Hopper 135g
  • Shimano Rock Hopper 135g


Shimano Rock Hopper 135g

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10T - Lumo
11T - silver lumo bands
12T - Red Gold
14T - Pink

When Australian anglers learned to slow down their jigging speed, a whole world of other species began to interact with their lures beyond the Seriola family jigging has long been associated with. This required a different type of jig though, and Shimano have been at the forefront of this slow jigging craze since its inception. Their latest development is the Rock Hopper — a next generation style Inchiku metal jig. Aside from the usual species, slow jigging is producing demersal species not usually considered lure eaters. The interesting feature about the Rock Hoppers is that the jig section runs freely on the line or leader (protected by abrasion resistant tubing), which on descent gives the trailing squid skirt and hooks the appearance of a predator chasing its prey. But that’s just a part of the background to their effectiveness — expect a bite on the drop, while working it on the bottom, or on the retrieve. Available in five weights from 90 to 200 grams, five baitfish colours with some that include contrasting luminescent highlights, a pair of deadly cord-rigged fluorine coated 2 X strong chem’ sharp hooks hide inside the squid skirt. Replacement skirts and hooksets are also available.

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