SHIMANO XEFO Stretch Jacket Kaki Camo

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By Shimano

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What I wanted was
"easy to move and comfortable to wear like everyday wear"

Breathable waterproof material is indispensable to concentrate on fishing and continue comfortable fishing in harsh environments such as wind and rain and splashing waves. However, it has been the established theory that moisture-permeable and waterproof winter clothes are difficult to move. The main reason for this is that if one piece of fabric is required to have the contradictory performance of moisture permeability that allows sweat and stuffiness to pass through and waterproofness that prevents water from entering, general moisture permeable and waterproof materials are hard and do not stretch. It limits movement and makes it uncomfortable to wear. Shimano started developing its own stretch breathable waterproof material with the idea that "it is easy to move and I want you to concentrate on fishing with the same comfort as everyday wear." Even under harsh fishing conditions, we assumed a severe fishing environment such as wading that moves in water, and aimed for a breathable and waterproof winter clothes that you can feel the performance there as a benchmark. I thought that if it was a stretch breathable waterproof material that can be used for wading, its performance would not be shaken in other fishing.

Overcome the problem of strength with a special structure that seeks strength from yarn

Easy-to-move breathable waterproof material that can be used for wading. Development was not easy because of the high goals we were aiming for. The biggest issue is the strength of the stretch material. Since conventional stretch materials have a weak strength, they tend to be heavier in order to supplement the strength, which hinders ease of movement. Therefore, Shimano has developed a special structure that uses high-strength nylon 66 for the thread itself, repeating trial and error. As a result, a new breathable waterproof material "DURAST" with specifications of about 130% stretch (JISL1096B method), abrasion resistance, and light weight (115g / m²) was born. Of course, we are particular about moisture permeability and waterproofness, and the moisture permeability mark is about 8,000 to 10,000 g / m² / 24h (A-1 method). This is a spec that greatly exceeds the approximately 6,000g / m² / 24h of our "DRYSHIELDXT", which has been evaluated for its comfortable moisture permeability. "DURAST" is a breathable waterproof material that stretches and is strong, and is used in the right place for jackets and pants that require ease of movement. In addition, the synergistic effect with the "COREACT" concept, which scientifically analyzes fishing movements, has improved the ability of winter clothing to follow body movements in various fishing species. Mr. Hotta, who plays an active part in surfing to support its performance, says about the wader, "It's just light. It feels like you're not wearing it." Breathable and waterproof winter clothes are hard to move, that's a thing of the past.