Shimano XEFO Tripper Game Vest VF-275R

By Shimano

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  • Plier, fish grip, sunglass and see through detachable phone holder
  • Back storage space
  • 2 layer back pocket accessible from both top and bottom
  • Removable pouch that can be attached to side
  • Easy to wipe off dirt  
  • D rings to hold various gear
  • Emergency whistle on left chest
  • 3D shape that reduces protrusion of front pocket
  • Main pocket that can store up to 2 lure boxes (20 x 15 x 4cm)
  • COREACT- Thoroughly measure and analyse the angler's movement from the perspective of actual fishing and science. “COREACT” is designed to maximise angler performance
  • BOA- Boa fit system on both waists. Simply just turn the dial to fit to size quickly. 
  • Colours: Navy, Grey
  • Materials: 100% nylon (water repellent) Back: 100% nylon (water repellent) PVC Mesh part: 100% polyester, Buoyant material: Independent foam (NBR, PVC)