• Shout Slider actor Microjig
  • Shout Slider actor Microjig
  • Shout Slider actor Microjig


Shout Slider actor Microjig

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Slide, slide, slide‰Û_‰Û_
Asymmetrical delta form licks the water, slides and swims in the water.
The fishes are tossed back and forth. It stimulates the instinct.

A long jig (Slide Actor) shows phenomenal dart action with assist-only one pitch jerk. It is clear that which side of the jig is facing up or down even when darting, and the asymmetrical delta form was developed after investigating the shape that can swim in the water without decreasing its speed. 3 edges adjust the water current of the jig surface and provide the straightness of the jig. The front nose has been trimmed to the utmost limit to suppress the pulling resistance. It falls with rolling action when it is in the horizontal position after long range darting, and the 3 flat sides reflect diffusely even smallest light.

Amberjack goes wild!

I would like you to drop the jig into the water within your vision from the side of the boat, and perform one jerk action lightly trying not to jump it up above the surface. The jig that was released from the rod‰Ûªs repulsion power starts to swim itself. ‰Û÷ How far is it going?‰Ûª The jig makes the dart action sideways freely taking the shock leader with it. At this moment, the shape of the leader from the rod must be ‰Û÷hook‰Ûª shaped. Then perform the jerking action again without reeling up and make a huge darting action to the other way.
If you see the dart, then you will understand how to control the Slide Actor. You cannot say that you have mastered using the jig, if you only give the tension continuously to the line and control it by bending the rod. You should give plenty lines to the jig that swims freely after the assist-only jerking. Once the jig swims freely, then it increases the dart width to the side after each one jerk action. The jig has something to stimulate, confuse, drive and be attacked the instinct of amberjack!




Size: 120g

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