Sunline Siglon PE ADV 150m

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By Sunline

Sunline Siglon PE ADV



●New and special manufacturing technology from Sunline, which input sound resin to inner part of the line.
●Highly developed smoothness brings more cast ability and duration.


To the next stage…

We would like to provide a product that will be anglers' advantage in actual fishing

as much as possible.

SIGLON PE advanced to the next stage by the newsest processing.

Let us explain in detail 'How is ADV different' from conventional SIGLON PE.


【About the water repellency】

We compared water repellency between SIGLON PE X8 and SIGLON PE ADV.

When we put a water drop on SIGLON PE X8, the drop soaks into the line same

as normal PE lines.

However, SIGLON PE ADV shows an excellent water repellency due to a special

resin that penetrates deep into the fiber.

This technology is the first in the industry, and we named it 'DRT' which stands

for 'Deep Resin Technology'.



This is an image when a water drop is put on SIGLONPE ADV.

Taken with an electron microscope.


Comparison between SIGLON PE ADV SIGLON PE X8 absorbs water, but SIGLON PE ADV shows

an excellent water repellency.

SIGLON PE X8 absorbs water, but SIGLON PE ADV shows an excellent water repellency.


This is a picture of cross section of SIGLON PE ADV.

Fibers are densely combined as the resin penetrates firmly

between the fibers.This leads to high water repellency.


Due to the special processing, the water goes off from the line easily, so the line is

unlikely to become heavy.That means you can make a long cast stably.

Also, the line doesn't stick to the butt part of the rod.

As a result, you can continue fishing without stress.



【About the strength】

Let us explain about strength.

We had a test on SIGLON PR ADV 10lb(#0.8).

Strength shown on the package is 4.5kg(Avg.) and 6kg(Max.).

Of course there is a bit of 'width' in strength, but the strength reached to the Max easily.


【About the Slickness】

In slickness test, we compared SIGLON PE ADV 12lb(#1) and SIGLON PE X8 16lb(#1).

SIGLON PE ADV showed an overwhelming difference in the test of sliding 10g weight.

As you can see from the table, the slickness has been improved about 25%.



Furthermore, we carried out a casting test on a soccer field.



In this test, SIGLON PE ADV 12lb(#1) and SIGLON PE X8 16lb(#1) are used.

The weight of the sinker is 15g.

We casted 30 times each.

The results are…

The difference is around 3m in average, and 5m in the maximum.

Some people might think it's a small difference, but it's true that there are points

that can be reached with the small difference. If there is a cover a few metters away,

the small difference makes a big difference in the results. It's clear that casting

distance is an advantage for anglers.



【About the Abrasion】

We conducted an abrasion resistance test with the self-developed machine.



Abrasion resistance tester originally developed by Sunline



Abrasion resistance test


We use SIGLON PE ADV 12lb(#1) and SIGLON PE X8 16lb(#1).

A sinker of 50g is used.

SIGLON PE X8 16lb(#1)breaks after 135 times(go and return).

SIGLON PE ADV 12lb(#1)breaks after 404 times.



This is a big advantage DRT processing brought.

Due to its high abrasion resistance, it is possible to fish near covers like timbers

or rocks in where it is difficult to fish with normal PE lines.


Furthermore, due to DRT processing, SIGLON PE ADV is stiffer than SIGLON PE.

With a soft PE line, troubles such as entanglement with bushes occur, but such

troubles are reduced with ADV's moderate stiffness.

This makes it possible to cast deep into of the bush.

Furthermore, it is easy to fish hanging a lure on a branch.


'SIGLON PE ADV' has been upgraded in various aspects.

This evolution also evolves your fishing style.