Thirty34Four Chimera Bait 2' Ajing Soft Plastic


Before making Chimera Bait, 34 field staff tried using 2x "Octopus" on a single jighead. Results were very successful with this rig, getting hit almost every cast. It outperformed everyone using one soft plastic.
However, this double attachment was very difficult to keep on a jig head. The staff had to adjust the worm every cast so it was quite inconvenient.
The advantage of the double octopus is that as the size, volume and buoyancy increases which creates a slower fall. Therefore, it is easy to keep a constant range.
Focusing on this slow fall, Thirtyfour have made an air pocket at the bottom so that it is perfect for giving this action.
Thirtyfour Chimera Bait is an unbearable meal for a large range of fish. 

Comes with 8pcs per pack