Tsuriken Doentou Re Max Yellow


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Tsuriken Doentou Re Max features:

  • T-TOP compatible (replaceable top) 
  • Highly sensitive streamline shape, durable float
  • Gets pushed less by the waves due to streamline shape
  • Damper coating
  • Stable balance on water 
  • Easy to see and can be used for night fishing 
  • When not in use the top can be removed, making it very compact and portable.
  • Standard T-TOP (S)

Size & Weight

  • 00 (19g)
  • 0 (18.3g)
  • B (17.8g)
  • 3B (17.4g)
  • 5B (16.6g)

Dimensions (Diameter x Length)

  • 27 x 160