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 Keeps the more egi stable during the fall with a horizontal posture making it look natural.

By providing a weight on the head of the egi, a more stable fall is possible. Also whilst drifting underwater, it is kept in the horizontal posture necessarily to keep the squid secure on the egi. Achieves an exquisite balance that does not destroy the original performance of Egi.

■ A versatile design
The sinkers design allows for a convenient method when switching through various egi's a breeze and able to fit a variety of different egi's. 

 Easy to install and hard to slip Urethane band fixing 
As a preventative measure to stop the sinker from slipping during use, it can be firmly fixed with a urethane band provided and which is easy to install. It can be installed and replaced smoothly, and you will not feel the stress caused by misalignment during fishing.

■ Luminous

Glows in the dark so it can be used during the day and night.

Available in 5 different weights in the luminous colour. 


***Egi’s are NOT included