Tsuriken Rear Cushion Stopper Bulk Pack (Medium Size)


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The V shaped cushion receives the tide and synchronizes with the current.

You can read underwater movements with outstanding visibility

With the help of the tide, you can sink lighter gimmicks. Underwater visibility is also greatly improved, and the front hit is reliably captured.

3 sizes of S, M, L to use properly according to the purpose

By using M size in general situations, L size when you want to improve visibility or when the tide is slow, and S size when you want to sink the rig quickly or when the tide is fast.

Upper dimple processing that catches the tide and makes it easy to pass the line

By applying the upper dimple processing, the tide is firmly caught in the water and synchronized with the current, and the line can be easily passed even when setting the gimmick, so the trouble of making the gimmick is greatly reduced.


  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Pink