Tsuriken X Liner Long Range ISO Fishing Float (Free float + Fixed Float Model)


The new 2020 edition from Tsuriken Japan with the new free float 4-2-4 system designed for cast-ability functions as well as sensitivity and ease of line flow through the 4-2-4 system. 

■ X structure smooth line feeding through the float and sensitivity! New all rounder model for both fixed and free floating. 

The X structure with a thread hole diameter of 4mm → 2mm → 4mm provides high sensitivity when used in all movements, and overwhelmingly quick line flow through the float even when used in rougher waters. In the scene where line flow and sensitivity are required respectively, it will respond well to both. 

■ Ideal for general fishing conditions with less movement 

The body shape allows to fish in general fishing situations with the top surface of the float cutting through the current with ease allowing for a slower drift and less movement. Due to the angled top the float is also very visible and easy to track. 

■ Ideal for finesse conditions

The slim profile minimises detection by fish during the bite, allowing a smooth down once the fish hits the bait. 

buoyancy Weight
JAN code Diameter
maximum outer diameter × total length (mm)

No. 00 12.6 180738 φ4-2-4
26 × 38

No. 0 12.3 180745
G2 12.0 180752
B 11.8 180769
3B 11.5 180776
5B 10.5 180783
No. 1 8.8 180790