Tsuriken X Liner Middle ISO Fishing Float (Free Float + Fixed Float Model)


The new 2020 edition from Tsuriken Japan with the new free float 4-2-4 system designed for cast-ability functions as well as sensitivity and ease of line flow through the 4-2-4 system. 

■ X structure smooth line feeding through the float and sensitivity! New all rounder model for both fixed and free floating. 

The X structure with a thread hole diameter of 4mm → 2mm → 4mm provides high sensitivity when used in all movements, and overwhelmingly quick line flow through the float even when used in rougher waters. In the scene where line flow and sensitivity are required respectively, it will respond well to both. 

■ High stability in both casting capabilities and underwater movement

The body has a weight arrangement that minimizes tilting whilst minimizing the size of the float. Stable line flow is readily possible regardless of the situation. It is a handy piece that can be used not only for medium distances, but also for fishing in close. 

■ Infinite usage! Versatile cone model

The versatility matches those who want to keep the tackle as simple as possible and the ISO float to be used to narrow down, and the buoyancy lineup that is necessary and sufficiently narrowed down. If you master it, this one item can be used for most free float applications too.

buoyancy Weight
JAN code Diameter
maximum outer diameter × total length (mm)
No. 00 9.2 179947 φ4-2-4
25 × 28

No. 0 9.0 179954
G2 8.7 179961
B 8.5 179978
3B 8.1 179985