TT Lures HeadlockZ Finesse 2L Jigs Heads


HeadlockZ Finesse jigheads are built on chemically sharpened, fine wire Japanese hooks and designed with penetration in mind, especially when fishing light lines and light drag settings. These will be the go-to for bream tournament anglers and a popular option for all anglers into light tackle sportfishing.
HeadlockZ jigheads are the ultimate jighead to suit the ultimate plastic. Designed with a split grip grub keeper, it is the perfect jighead for locking on the range of 10X Tough, space-age ZMan ElaZtech soft plastics. HeadlockZ are also an deal option for locking on other soft plastic brands, allowing you to cast hard, work your plastic aggressively and keep on fishing confidently, even after a strike, knowing that your plastic is in position and swimming correctly.