Shimano XEFO Tackle Bag BK-201Q (Tungsten)

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By Shimano

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XEFO Tackle Bag [XEFO TACKLE BAG] BK-201Q (Tungsten)

A durable fishing tackle bag suitable for both rock and boat anglers. Designed from an EVA material the tackle box is light and impact resistant. 

  • The hard moulded lid ensures that rain and water won't easily infiltrate through the lid which is sloped to ensure excess water doesn't accumulate on top of the lid.
  • A concave design lid that allows tools and lures to be momentarily placed on top. 
  • A velcro strap with a buckle for convenience and rust proof
  • A non tapered body ensures easy storage
  • Two rod holders installed to stand up rods during use 
  • Inner sliding tray for easy storage which sits on top of the bucket 
  • Rubber patches on the bottom of the box to provide grip when placed on the floor 
  • A comfortable shoulder strap for transportation 
  • Waterproof shoulder belt 

* Available only in the Tungsten colour.

Size Dimensions (cm) Weight (kg)
27L 30 x 45 [including 51.5 rod holders] x 32 2.765
32L 30 x 52 [including 58.5 rod holders] x 32 3.04