YAMAGA BLANKS Blue Current 610TZ/Nano Plug Quickness


The evolution of the plugging game (use of hard bodied lures) has been considerable in recent years requiring extra sensitive rods to use ultra-small lures around 2g. We have developed the blank with our focus on sensitivity and its ability to transmit the smallest changes in the current, water pressure and lure movement. Both models are were not developed to simply utilize these hard bodied lures but each are special models with distinct characteristics. The two types can be distinguished by the difference in style. The “quick” type which will not miss the smallest of nibbles to aggressively hook the fish and the “seamless” type which smoothly hooks the fish by naturally bending in.
You can use hard bodied lures with the other models in the BlueCurrent series which are designed for jig-head type rigs, but these 2 models are especially designed for use with these lures. We hope you can take hold of our new BlueCurrent Plugging series to enjoy the ever changing plugging game for these small but extremely fun species to target.


This plugging model was developed to enable anglers to sense the subtle changes in water pressure and currents with outstanding balance to breathe life into your lures through rod action. The tip section is designed to be stiff to give the lure variant action while the whole blank will bend in to reduce hook offs. When simply retrieving minnows and sinking pencils, the super sensitive tip section will immediately transmit the smallest of bites enabling anglers to swiftly hookup with the belly section of the blank. You can say that this is a specially tuned model to aggressively hook the fish with the slightest of touches.



Length Weight Section Lure Line Carbon
2100mm 64g 2pcs Plug 1.5~6g/JH0.5~5g PE 0.1~0.4号 99.8%


Target Horse Mackerel(Aiji) / Rock fish
Lure Micro plugs
Field Port