Yamaga Blanks Blue Current III 74


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All-round model that covers almost all light game methods and situations An all-round model
that forms the core of the series to enjoy the target of light games by making full use of various rigs in various situations.
With a good maneuverability that does not make you feel the length of 74, you can operate the main methods used in light games such as jig heads, sinker caros, lightweight metal jigs and plugs at will, and with high sensitivity performance that is not impaired even at water depths exceeding 10 m. Delicately and technically attracts the target. Although it is a sharp blank with suppressed blurring during casting and increased convergence speed, it follows firmly with the entire rod after hitting, and draws a smooth bend curve from small horse mackerel rockfish to good class, and the real pleasure of "bending and catching" It is one that can be tasted even more and is suitable for calling it a standard model of BLCⅢ.

Length Weight Section Lure Line Carbon Price JAN CODE
2235mm 71g 2pcs MAX10g (JH0.3 ​​~ 7g / Rig1 ~ 10g / Plug1.6 ~ 7.8g) PE0.1 ~ 0.5 / NY ・ FC1 ~ 5lb 92.1% ¥ 24,000- (tax excluded) 4560395517843
Target Horse mackerel, rockfish, anything else
Lure Jig head, various rigs, small plugs, small jigs
Field Ports, shores, estuaries, surfs