YAMAGA BLANKS Blue Current Ⅲ 76 Stream


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A specialized model specializing in plugging games to lure targets hidden in the "flow".
It is a plugging model designed to be widely used, from small plugs for horse mackerel and rockfish to lightweight plugs for sea bass and black sea bream. The tips and berries are given a moderate amount of tension so that various techniques such as fine operation of the top plug, twitching of the minnow, and just winding of the simpen can be performed as the angler intended. The high-sensitivity performance that is maintained even in the flow and the blank that has been carefully tuned so that actions can be seamlessly connected correspond to a wide range of "plugging" of light games that require delicate rod work. It is a specialized model.

Length Weight Section Lure Line Carbon
2290mm 81g 2pcs MAX12g (Plug 1.6 ~ 12g) PE 0.3-0.8 96.4%

Target Chinu rockfish sea bass horse mackerel
Lure Plugs in general
Field Rivers, harbors, shores