YAMAGA BLANKS Blue Current 83 / TZ NANO Flex


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It is a long-length model that combines the ease of handling and sensitivity of a lightweight jig head while keeping the concept of long-distance casting of the jig head alone. The delicate feeling of use enables the delicate operation of a small and lightweight plug, and it is useful in scenes where a variety of lures are used to delicately capture long distances. In addition, it is possible to follow the sudden thrust at the feet peculiar to a good type smoothly and flexibly with the entire rod, and to float with the restoring force of the blank while keeping the target running. This bending, floating and stopping performance will give the angler a big advantage even in fields where fighting is severe such as the Tetra band.

Target Horse mackerel, rockfish, anything else
Lure Jig head, various rigs, small plugs
Field Port / shore / estuary


Length Weight Section Lure Line Carbon Price JAN CODE
2520mm 73g 2pcs JH 0.8 ~ 5g / Rig 1.8 ~ 10.5g / Plug 1.5 ~ 8g PE 0.2 ~ 0.6 99.8% ¥ 42,000- (tax excluded) 4560395517256

Closed dimensions: 1290mm Joint: Reverse parallel connection guide: TZ titanium frame K guide (Fuji) specifications
Reel seat: VSS16 (Fuji) Applicable spinning reel Estimated: D company 2000 ~ / S company 2000 ~ C2500 
* Rod size Length from foot position to grip end when reel is installed b. Total length of grip with front hood nut closed (+5 mm longer when reel is installed)