YAMAGA BLANKS Blue Current JH-Special 62 / TZ NANO


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Like the 58 / TZ, the Blue Current 62 / TZ NANO is a model that features a blank with sharp sharpness and smooth bending transitions that are particular about lure operation.
Using Nano Alloy® technology for the blank, it is easy to control the fish with bending and tame when fighting, and because it can be cast in a compact form, it is comfortable to use even in places with poor footing such as Tetra.
Both the jig head and plug can be operated comfortably, and the delicate and mild high-sensitivity performance that allows you to feel the tide pressure at the time of fall and the front hit is sharpened.
You can enjoy the essence of light games such as lure operation, catching atari, hanging, and pulling, and it is finished in a highly flexible one.

Target Horse mackerel rockfish
Lure Jig head / small plug
Field Harbor


Length Weight Section Lure Line Carbon Price JAN CODE
1880mm 53g 2pcs Jighead ~ 3g NY / FC 1 ~ 3lb 99.8% ¥ 35,000- (tax excluded) 4560395515955

Closed dimensions: 965mm Joint: Reverse parallel connection guide: TZ titanium frame K guide (Fuji) specifications
Reel seat: VSS16 (Fuji) Applicable spinning reel Estimated: D company 1000 ~ 2000 / S company 1000 ~ C2000
* Rod size Length from foot position to grip end when reel is installed b. Total length of grip with front hood nut closed (+5 mm longer when reel is installed)