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EARLY Plus 95ML The
best model for exploring vast areas such as tidal flats, estuaries and surf. From pin-spot search for small terrain changes in the foreground to wide-ranging search for distant tides, this is a great value for search games in open areas. In addition, although it is an ML class, it also has a bat power that is neither a ranker class nor a big game, and it also supports big games such as shore and surf.

Target Sea bass flatfish
Field Tidal flats, river estuaries, surfs, shores
Lure Minnow around 12 cm, vibration, sinking pencil


Length Weight Section Lure Line Carbon Price JAN CODE
2855mm 147g 2pcs 7 ~ 28g Pe 0.8 ~ 1.5 95.6% 27,000 yen (excluding tax) 4560395514040

Closed dimensions: 1465mm Joint: Reverse parallel connection Guide: SiC stainless frame K guide (Fuji) Specifications
Reel seat: VSS16 (Fuji) Applicable spinning reel Estimated: D company 2500 ~ 3000 number / S company C3000 ~ 4000 number
* Rod dimensions a. Length from foot position to grip end when reel is mounted b. Overall grip