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  • Yamashita Naory Range Hunter 490 Glow 1.8B
  • Yamashita Naory Range Hunter 490 Glow 1.8B


Yamashita Naory Range Hunter 490 Glow 1.8B

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Available in 3 sizes the new Naory RH  490 GLOW supersede the original Range Hunters and are better than ever. They feature the 'warm jacket' cloth (the same cloth as the Egi Oh Q Live series). This cloth reacts to light (any type of light) to create a subtle temperature change. In addition to the warm jacket, the new 490 GLOW series features the same full body glow as the Naory range and an unique feature to set this jig apart from other jigs is the 600 hz rattle inside the body. Yamashita have discovered after much research with a leading Japanese University that squid can pick up sounds between 400hz and 1400hz with 600hz being the optimum level for squid to be most interested.

To achieve the 600hz Yamashita needed to change the plastic body material to a bone plastic material and use stainless steel bearings (not glass or plastic). This combination results in a high pitch rattle that no other jig on the market can replicate.

490 GLOW was developed by Yamashita after research showed the best wavelength of visible light for squid is 490nm. 490 GLOW stickers are attached to the LIVE search so it now incorporates the best sound for squid, the best light for squid, the warm jacket and the easiest darting action for the angler.

This temperature change is similar to natural baitfish temps. so the squid are more interested in following your jig. Fitted with an original design and stainless curved super fine spikes/hooks.

Basic Sink Rate: normal sinking, this is a unique feature for a jig of this size. A black eye is their distinguishing feature. The range hunter 1.8B has a sink rate of 3.0 to 3.5 seconds per meter which is the same sink rate of a 3.5 size squid jig and enables you to fish deeper water with a small profile jig. This is particularly useful in strong currents, when there are small squid holding in deeper water or when the squid are not interested in a large profile squid jig.

Colours:  15 

Sizes: 1.5, 1.8, 2.2

Sink rates: Basic



Sinking speed

1.5 Basic


5.0-5.5 sec/m

1.8 Basic


3.0-3.5 sec/m

2.2 Basic


2.2-2.7 sec/m

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