Yamashita 2020 Naory Range Hunter - Basic


Available in 3 sink rates and 3 sizes the new Naory Range Hunter feature the 'warm jacket' cloth (the same cloth as the Egi Oh Live series) This cloth reacts to any type of light to create a subtle temperature change. This temperature change is similar to natural baitfish temps. so the squid are more interested in following your jig. Fitted with an original design and stainless curved super fine spikes/hooks.

Tin Sinker - Enviromentally friendly.

Size 1.5B: Weight 4.5g, Sink speed: 4.5 sec / m


Size 1.8S:Weight 4.5g, Sink Speed: 10 sec / m

Size 1.8B: Weight 6.0g, Sink Speed: 3.2 sec / m

Size 1.8D: Weight 7.0g, Sink Speed: 2.5 sec / m


Size 2.2S: Weight 6.5g, Sink Speed: 5.0 sec / m

Size 2.2B: Weight 8.0g, Sink Speed: 2.4 sec / m

Size 2.2D: Weight 10g,  Sink Speed: 1.5 sec / m

  • 001 Orange Glow

    Standard color with high visibility and easy to use in site fishing

  • 002 Pink Glow

    A highly proven color that combines a pink back color and a luminous body that are effective at clear tide.

  • 007 All Orange Glow

    Color with high fluorescent appeal of whole body orange, effective in highly active situations

  • 008 All Pink Glow

    Full-body paint color that lowers the brightness of the night light, for rotation when it is threaded by strong night light!

  • 009 Yukinko

    Demonstrate high appeal with unpainted color that makes use of the luminous body

  • 010 Gold horse mackerel

    The royal road of natural color with a high track record even in light egging!

  • 011 Hollow eagle

    A popular color that creates the brilliance of bait fish with a hologram body

  • 012 Red shrimp

    There is a situation where it only responds to this color, a trump card color when it does not respond to the luminous body

  • 013 Pink lemon

    An appealing color with an impressive contrast between the pink back and the yellow belly

  • 014 Orange Lemon

    A solid color recommended for muddy tides that appeals with similar colors that go well with each other