Zenaq 3D Glove

By Zenaq


Lightweight breathable popping and jigging glove. Leather padding on thumb and forefinger for grip and durability. Features a low cuff design great for comfort when fishing in hot climates.



Evolved 3-D Cutting

3-D cutting makes glove shape just like a real hand
AMARA & HANZO makes grip strength very high
3-D cutting and stretch material gives it high fittability and usability.

HANZO Processing 
It’s a slip stopper (dots on the surface) which increases grip strength. 
Even when it gets wet or old, it keeps performing excellent grip ability.

AMARA Texture 

An artificial soft leather with high durability and air/water permeability. 
When it gets wet, it keeps the same feeling of the texture.

Finger Protect 

Thumb and index finger are reinforced with an extra thin strong material.

Stretch mesh 

Stretch fine mesh material makes tight fit and raises fitting feel. 
High permeability gives stress-free using feel.


  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue


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  • M
  • L
  • XL
  • 3XL