Zenaq Fokeeto Ikari FB63-1

By Zenaq


An ultra light jigging model has joined the Ikari jigging rod family in 2021. The FB63-1 can be used for specific techniques that can meet various angler demands such as high pitch, one pitch, slow pitch, and how to use a medium sized jig up to 120grams. Special rod. The blank has been designed to make the jig move with more bounce, and you can fully feel the characteristics of the solid blank when fighting the fish. The solid blank is an effective buffer when light jigging and you can encounter a larger fish, the rod will absorb the shock and impact well, allowing the angler to fight the fish confidently. 

The rod is versatile and can be used to use a wide range of jigs from slow jigs, micro jigs, tairubber jigs etc. 

Recommended PE MAX 1.5 Shock leader MAX 30lb Recommended reel size: Shimano 200 ~ 300 series / Daiwa 100 ~ 200 series. 


Type: Overhead

Length: 6'3 194cm

Weight: 176g

Line: PE #1.5 max

Jig weight: 120g max

Sections: butt joint

Packed Length: 134cm

Butt Length: 657mm

What is Ikari Blank?

Carbon X carbon structure with carbon core embedded in high elastic carbon blank by special manufacturing method. 
A super blank that overturns common sense until now, although it is a "highly repulsive" blank which is a characteristic of highly elastic carbon, it has raised the breaking strength to the limit. 
Normal blanks are hollow (hollow inside) pipes, whereas Ikari blanks are filled with carbon cores. 
Breaking strength, high repulsion, high sensitivity, which is the feature of Ikari blank, draws a line from the past blanks, and it also makes us feel even the beginning of the new era of lure fishing.