Zenaq Fokeeto Ikari FS64-5.5 (Spinning Model)

By Zenaq


The Fokeeto FS64-5.5 Ikari is a superb lightweight technical jig rod capable of working a wide variety of jigs from short through to long. The unique blank design of the Ikari has a super high-elastic carbon outer wrapped around a solid carbon core. This gives the rod the sensitivity associated with high elastic carbon, while improving strength, durability and fish fighting ability.

The FS64-5.5 Ikari (S) guides is designed for light line jigging PE 1.5-3, inshore and offshore. It suits short pitch/mechanical jigging action jigs to 210g and long fall/slow style to 280g. Build quality is exceptional and top of the line Fuji Titanium Torzite guides are used throughout. Ideal target species are snapper, pearl perch, dhufish, coral trout, school size kings and amberjacks.

FS64-5.5 (W) IKARI guides you to "select a thick leader in the 70lb class", "underhand cast to capture shallow areas", and "use the largest reel without difficulty" in order to have a wider range of capture. I reviewed the settings. Of course, this model has been brushed up to a heavy-duty specification that maximizes high strength and high resilience while taking advantage of high sensitivity.

The double foot guide of the titanium frame SIC ring and the guide diameter have also been increased by one size, making it possible to make a more optimal selection depending on the fishing style, fishing spot, and target fish.



Type: Spin

Length: 6'4 194cm

Weight: 183g

Line: PE #1.5-3

Jig weight: Short to 210g, long to 280g

Sections: butt joint

Packed Length: 136cm

Butt Length: 620mm

What is Ikari Blank?

Carbon X carbon structure with carbon core embedded in high elastic carbon blank by special manufacturing method. 
A super blank that overturns common sense until now, although it is a "highly repulsive" blank which is a characteristic of highly elastic carbon, it has raised the breaking strength to the limit. 
Normal blanks are hollow (hollow inside) pipes, whereas Ikari blanks are filled with carbon cores. 
Breaking strength, high repulsion, high sensitivity, which is the feature of Ikari blank, draws a line from the past blanks, and it also makes us feel even the beginning of the new era of lure fishing.