Zenaq Muthos Sonio 100M K Guide Model

By Zenaq

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MUTHOS series of rods are designed to catch huge target fish from shore.
Targets can be Yellowtail, Kingfish, Tuna, GT, Grouper, Bonito, etc.
After years of testing in the field, each model has been designed with the perfect balance of power and sharpness that will definitely give you feel confidence and reliable feeling. 
That is MUTHOS.

K Guide Model: 

MUTHOS standard guide model with FUJI T-KWSG. Every guide is double footed and double wrapped to keep its durability (only Out Range series is single wrapped), and a super ocean top T-NMST is used as its top guide. The best guide setting is chosen for each rod model to perform true nature of rod blanks. 

Sonio 100M K Guide Model 

Length: 10'0" / Lure: 10-100g(Jig) 10-70g(Plug) / PE Line: #1~3 
Its usability is as if it’s a medium class spinning rod with sensitive and soft tip which even controls 10g lures.  However, when fish is on, it shows exceptional power of a true rockshore rod to fight against big targets.  Dream rod “MUTHOS Sonio 100M” debut. 

MUTHOS  Sonio 100M K Guide Model- Specifications 

Lure WT
Min〜Max (g)
(PE# ) 
Grip length
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Reel seat size
(Fuji parts)
(A) (B) (C)
Sonio 100M
10'0" 2
158 Jig 10〜100
Plug 10〜70
1〜3 283 ( K )
288 (RG)
790 495 250 DPS-20


※GUIDE / All models use FUJI titanium frame and SIC ring guides. ※W-NUT RING(PAT)/ All models. ※RG-system is for PE-line use only.