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Fishing for hairtail in Newcastle 25.03.16

Posted on 17 April 2016

After a successful first trip and news of hairtail still fishing well being passed along the fishing community, another hairtail trip was organised yesterday morning with a few of the members. Most of us met up at 5:30am whereas some of the more keener members Alan, Hai, Iris and Joey left Sydney Wednesday evening and fished there overnight. By the time we got there in the morning, the evening team already almost bagged out on hairtail, caught a couple of bream with a few being of big sizes as well as Joey landing a juvenile jewfish.

The morning team consisted of myself, Jay, Nick, Joseph and Elliott. All of the morning team excluding myself started off spinning for hairtail with a mixture of metals and hairtail soft plastics. Jay was throwing around larger lures intended for a wondering jewfish. The night started off well for me as I landing a hairtail on my first cast that wasn't too big, so I decided to release it. Perhaps that had jinxed the rest of the trip as the night was slow with only a few hairtail being landed, all on baits. Hai was camping out waiting for a jewfish as was Alan who had their surf rods out with squid. I received a report of an older Korean angler landing 2 x 1m jewies in 1 evening whilst chasing hairtail at the shop earlier on. Hai had a decent run on the set up intended for jewfish as it took a small run and then paused. Unfortunately, the hook didn't set so he reeled in an empty line.

Joey and Iris managed to bag out on hairtail at around 6:30am and left shortly after. As the sun came up, we were expecting a few more hairtail, but it didn't really fire up until around 7am when they started to hit the jigs. I only managed 2 on bait during the pre dawn period, also dropping a few as well as they were being finicky.

Once the sun was up and the lures were out, the hairtail were being more aggressive and were hitting the microjigs. I first started off using the hairtail soft plastics, but changed to the palms slow blatt as I saw people other members landing hairtail on the microjigs. Jay continued to chase jewfish with plastics and ended up losing the tails of several plastics. Nick, Elliott and Joseph were landing hairtail on the jigs, but Joseph wasn't having a good day as his corner was quiet despite the good start. We called it quits at 9:30am as the bites were almost non existent. We all ended up with a few hairtail with Elliott catching 6, Nick landing 7, Joseph got 3 and I got 14 to share between myself and Jay. Hai, Alan, Joey and Iris all bagged out with 10 and left earlier on.


  • Remember that the bag limit for hairtail is 10 fish
  • Please keep the area clean
  • Please keep all belongings close to you
  • Most importantly, have fun!

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